Post-Election Discussion with Frances Fox Piven

The day after this year’s presidential election, the distinguished sociologist and activist, Frances Fox Piven will once again join the Serious Times Lecture Series at Critical Theory and the Arts, to discuss the election.

Professor Fox Piven has been among the most incisive, humane and engaged voices on the left for decades in the struggle for voter rights, welfare rights, working people’s rights, and social reform. She has been vilified by the right for her many efforts, and responded to these attacks with a collection of her writings, Who’s Afraid of Frances Fox Piven? Professor Fox Piven is also among the first guests Critical Theory and the Arts ever invited to our Serious Times Lecture Series. We will be very pleased to have her with us again.

Her Poor People’s Movements (1978), written with Richard Cloward, remains an essential research guide to the question of how and why poor people’s movements have characteristically failed and what can be done about it.

Our post-election discussion with Frances Fox Piven will be followed later in the semester with a second examination of the election results with historian, Professor Gary Gerstle.

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