Frances Fox Piven, “What Just Happened? The Resistance After the Midterms”

November 12th, 7pm
133 West 21st Street
Room 101-c
New York, NY 10011

Free and open to the public. Presented by MA Critical Theory and the Arts and BFA Visual and Critical Studies, School of Visual Arts.
Register here.

The midterm elections have already produced a number of surprises and developments. In New York, incumbents have been unseated by socialist challengers; women are running for office in record numbers; the Republican party is closing ranks around the President and his politics; turnout, generally abysmal, midterm or not, has been ticking upwards.

Voter participation in the November midterm elections will be indicative of the overall attitude of the nation toward the Trump administration’s policies and appointments – and of its capacity to resist. Frances Fox Piven, sociologist, activist and author of the definitive analysis of the barriers to voting in the United States, will join us a few days after Election Day for a discussion of the results, ramifications, and meaning of the 2018 midterms.

Frances Fox Piven, Professor Emerita of Politics at CUNY, was called by Glenn Beck one of the “nine most dangerous people in the world.” She has been among the most incisive, humane and engaged voices on the left for decades in the struggle for voter rights, welfare rights, working people’s rights, and social reform. She is the co-founder of the National Welfare Rights Organization and the author of “Challenging Authority: How Ordinary People Change America,” “Poor People’s Movements,” “Regulating the Poor,” and “Why Americans Don’t Vote.” Frances Fox Piven is the post-election curriculum advisor at Critical Theory and the Arts.

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