Human Rights Watch at Critical Theory and the Arts

Tom Porteous of Human Rights Watch will join the Serious Times Lecture Series at Critical Theory and the Arts this fall to discuss the situation of the world’s refugees and the global politics of fear.

Human Rights Watch is an independent human rights organization that conducts research into human rights abuses worldwide. Cultural scholars, lawyers, journalists, and people’s advocates collaborate to research regions of human crisis and catastrophe and develop ways that people who otherwise go without representation can find a voice.

Tom Porteous is the Deputy Program Director for Human Rights Watch. His background is in classical studies, international journalism, diplomacy, and UN peacekeeping. He has worked in Somalia and Liberia.

Human Rights Watch publishes yearly reports on human rights issues, including the World Report, its review of the current state of global human rights. You can read the 2016 World Report and other publications of Human Rights Watch at:

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