Historian, Prof. Gary Gerstle, visiting this week’s Serious Times seminar at CTA

Post-Election Discussion at Critical Theory and the Arts
December, 2016

Gary Gerstle, distinguished scholar and Paul Mellon Professor of American History at the University of Cambridge, will visit the Serious Times seminar at Critical Theory and the Arts this week to discuss what resources the American political order has for contending with the Trump presidency.

Prof. Gerstle is an eminent historian of immigration, race and nationality, social movements, popular politics, and the nature of the state in the contemporary United States. He was previously the Annenberg Visiting Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and Visiting Professor at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociale in Paris. He has lectured across the world, and has given testimony before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee on questions of immigration.

Prof. Gerstle is the author of “Working-Class Americanism: The Politics of Labor in a Textile City, 1914–1960”; “American Crucible: Race and Nation in the Twentieth Century”, recipient of the Theodore Saloutos Book Award; and “Liberty and Coercion: The Paradox of American Government from the Founding to the Present.” He is the co-author, with Steve Fraser, of “The Rise and Fall of the New Deal Order, 1930–1980” and “Ruling America: A History of Wealth and Power in a Democracy.” He also co-edits the book series, “Politics and Society in Twentieth-Century America,” which has received several awards.

Prof Gerstle is a member of the Society of American Historians and a Distinguished Lecturer of the Organization of American Historians.

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