Ariana Reines, Felix Bernstein, Jay Sanders and the “Situation of the Arts”

Felix Bernstein (artist, writer) and Jay Sanders (curator) join Bettina Funcke and students of Critical Theory and the Arts in the Fall, 2015 session of the Proseminar on the “Situation of the Arts” to talk a bit about the situation of contemporary poetry. Bernstein’s musical performance work, “Bieber Bathos Elegy,” debuts at the Whitney Museum in January, 2016. His Notes on Post-Conceptual Poetry was published earlier this year (Insert Blanc Press), and Burn Book (Nightboat), a book of poems, is forthcoming.

Earlier in the semester, the group was joined by poet, artist and playwright, Ariana Reines, for a discussion of poetry, performance, and Semiotext(e), with readings selected by Reines. Her works of poetry include The Cow (winner of the Alberta Prize from Fence Books), Coeur de Lion, Mercury, and Thursday; Telephone, a play, was performed at The Cherry Lane Theatre, NYC. As a performance artist, she has presented at Le Mouvement (Switzerland) and the Whitney Museum.

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