Book collection donated to Critical Theory and the Arts

The Department of Critical Theory and the Arts is honored to receive as part of its library holdings the book collection of Elizabeth Gero-Heymann, psychoanalyst and Holocaust survivor.

Generously donated by Laura Kleinerman (psychoanalyst, IPTAR), the collection includes the collected works of Freud and Goethe, artist biographies and monographs, psychoanalytic journals, novels and many other books accumulated in a life that spanned two centuries (Gero-Heymann lived to age 105).

Elizabeth Gero-Heymann studied with Otto Fenichel in Prague. She fled mainland Europe for London in 1939; her parents perished in Berlin.

In London, Gero-Heymann worked closely with Anna Freud. After the war ended, she came to the United States where she established her own practice in New York City. She was eventually invited to join the New York Freudian Society (now the Contemporary Freudian Society) as a training analyst. She was elected Vice President of the Society at age 87.

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