"In philosophy it is the problems, never the answers, that make sense." -Anon. #PseudoGraphia

"An artwork is a set of instructions for breaking a promise." -Anon. #PseudoGraphia

"Presidential Elect Koan: The sound of one Trump tweeting -- A grunt." -Anon. #PseudoGraphia

"The Sharing Economy: The socialism of the dispossessed." -Anon. #PseudoGraphia

"A poem is what can't exist." -Anon. #PseudoGraphia

"We know that there is nothing to hope for here but that there is something awfully preoccupying in its hopelessness." -Anon. #PseudoGraphia

Equality is likeness without affinity. Freedom would be equality without measure. -Anon. #PseudoGraphia

"Origin of the alphabet: Writing must’ve developed over the long haul in the discovery that there’s no one to talk to." Anon. #PseudoGraphia

"Last year's love: An email is more like a billboard, a sign posted along a highway, than any possible billet-doux." -Anon. #PseudoGraphia

"History is history, but that's not all there is to the past." -Anon. #PseudoGraphia

"We become the strangers that we meet." -Anon. #PseudoGraphia

Here's looking at you, kid: Every web word and picture is a one-way mirror, no less these than yours, kid, eye to eye. -Anon. #PseudoGraphia

"A reification is a thought that is immune to being known as either true or false--this is a partial truth." -Anon. #PseudoGraphia

"Guilt made the world round." -Anon. #PseudoGraphia