IX. Infinite Summer Readings

[Published in conjunction with The Brooklyn Rail; these lists, while of interest, are not representative of the MA curriculum.]

I. 2013: The History and Memory Summer Reading List


II. 2012: The Introspective Summer Reading List


III. 2011: The Semi-Tragic Summer Reading List


IV. 2010: The Grand Summer Reading List


“In September 2012, a small master’s program at the School of Visual Arts, an art school in New York City, opened its doors: Critical Theory and the Arts. Adorno scholar and translator Robert Hullot-Kentor dreamt it up and put into action a school for artists and graduate students of various fields of inquiry for a collaborative intensive study over one year.” -Bettina Funcke, Mousse Magazine, No 37

“The most interesting and lively model for critical learning that I have encountered, in the city or elsewhere.” -Sam Lewitt, artist 


Click here to hear Paul Chan read Adorno WIthout Quotation - by Robert Hullot-Kentor (8.7 MB .mp3)


What else is happening at the Department in 2014-2015


What else is happening at the Department in 2014-2015