Architect Georg Windeck — IS THAT AN ELEPHANT HIDING UNDER A PEBBLE? Sky Line Towers of Corruption in New York City

In the words of the New York Times, a “flood of capital has created colonies of the foreign super-rich” in major financial centers world wide.* Vast pools of capital, frequently of corrupt origin, are seeking ways to elude control by nation states and hide from observation and taxation.

Strangely, and absurdly as well, in Manhattan much of this hidden treasure is now secreted away in a group of vast towers looming over Central Park and the entire city along 57 St. in Midtown.

Brazen is one thing. But, these economic actors and, sometimes, literally bandits are so confident of their grip on the world, so sure they will go unchallenged, that they now proudly display their winnings with confident impunity as a kind of independent Landmark Committee for the Corrupt domination of New York City’s skyline and the capacity of capital to elude the laws of nation states.

If that is an elephant hiding under a pebble, that’s one big pebble.

Architect GEORG WINDECK, will discuss this bewildering new direction in architecture in the SITUATION OF THE ARTS Seminar this Fall.


*Read the New York Times article, “Stream of Foreign Wealth Flows to Elite New York Real Estate”