Posted on Francis Cape visits the Chair (Bench) Seminar — Spring Semester, 2017

Artist and wood carver, Francis Cape will visit the Chair Seminar at Critical Theory and the Arts to donate and install a bench!

Someday, it seems possible, the Chair Seminar may become a Bench Seminar. Cape will discuss the benches, modeled on furniture used in utopic communities, that he has been constructing for some years, which he conceives of as providing situations in which participants may discuss all those things–especially political realities—that we otherwise fail to confront. Each of the benches presents us with a model of a utopia community of open discussion and asks of us that we consider while sitting on them what fulfilling their utopia impulse might involve. It’s conceivable that there would be visitors to any one or all of these benches who might prefer them when no one is sitting on them.

Francis Cape’s benches have in fact successfully prompted considerable discussion and been shown in many venues and galleries in the US and Europe. His book, “We Sit Together,” accompanies the exhibition.


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