Posted on “Junk and the Ground it is Built on: What’s Wrong with NYC Architecture?” with architect, GEORG WINDECK

GEORG WINDECK, an architect and faculty member at The Cooper Union, visited the program this past Tuesday and talked on “”Junk and the Ground it is Built on: What’s Wrong with New York City Architecture?”

This question can be more directly answered than one might guess. As Professor Windeck explained, the tawdry, meretricious city architecture is a function of a conflict between architectural values, on one hand, and, on the other, the fact that almost all major buildings in NYC are constructed on rented land. Speculation on the value of this land inevitably triumphs over the architectural value of what might be constructed on it. By economic calculation, longevity of well constructed buildings is the last concern on anyone’s mind in what is actually built here. This is why every building that hits the NY City skyline seems to say, right on its shiny facade, “Going Out of Style!” Windeck pointed out that this construction of junk on rented land amounts to a radical inversion in the historical relationship of humankind to land and place. Professor Windeck will be back next week to continue this discussion of New York City architecture.

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