Posted on Conversations with Thomas Hirschhorn, Josephine Pryde, Paul Chan and others, 2013-2014


THOMAS HIRSCHHORN meets with students at the Gramsci Monument.

Artist, JOSEPHINE PRYDE discusses recent work with the Situation of the Arts Seminar.

PAUL CHAN in open conversation.

Historian, MICHAEL KATZ discusses the history of poverty and failed social policy in the United States.

MASSIMILIANO GIONI, curator at the New Museum, receives students at the CHRIS BURDEN exhibition.

Critic SVEN LUETTICKEN, (Amsterdam), joins Bettina Funcke, and Whitney curator, Jay Sanders in the Situation of the Arts seminar.

Composer/Pianist STEFAN LITWIN, open rehearsal of recent composition, EL ONCE, and RZEWSKI’S “The People United Will Never Be Divided.”

Psychoanalyst, JAY FRANKEL’S seminar begins.

STEFAN LITWIN joins program chair, Robert Hullot-Kentor for a performance/discussion of “Vanishing Controversy in the Arts and Musical Differentiation.”

Visiting professor, CHRISTOPH HESSE, presents lecture series on the development of the idea of the “CULTURE INDUSTRY” since Marx and Nietzsche.

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Paul Chan interviews Robert Hullot-Kentor
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