Posted on Nicholson Baker to discuss “Human Smoke”

The novelist, essayist, and musician, Nicholson Baker, meets with the MA students and faculty at Critical Theory and the Arts in January to discuss “Human Smoke,” his much admired, much disputed and altogether controversial study of the legitimacy of war, which profoundly challenges how World War II is remembered. Whatever position one finally takes in this dispute–which deserves a great deal of thinking and has been joined from all sides–his independence of mind and desire for anything but war, his undiminished sense of the bloody, mangling reality and utter waste of war–in a nation that has been almost constantly at war since WWII–marks as exceptional his work as a writer and public intellectual. Participants in the Serious Times Proseminar will also want to talk with Baker about how it can be that he wrote this considerable volume–close to 600 pages–and in fact writes all of his many novels and essays in his car (a Kia with bad brakes).

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