Posted on “Precedents and Remnants of the Culture Industry” with visiting scholar, Christoph Hesse

This month, the MA Critical Theory and the Arts class of 2013-2014 meets with guest scholar, Professor Christoph Hesse. The topic under discussion is:

“Precedents and Remnants of the Culture Industry” 

Adorno and Horkheimer’s essay on the culture industry, “The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception,” (Dialectic of Enlightenement, 1947) is as famous as it is now presumed, and as presumed as it is in fact now little understood. The term, “culture industry,” coined long ago in that essay, has lost any critical edge.

In this series of lectures, Christoph Hesse, one of our visiting professors this year, wants to capture anew the critical impulse of the idea of the “Culture Industry,” as a materialist critical theory opposed to what was once called ‘conformist’ traditional theory, by following the development of the idea from Marx, through Nietzsche, Freud, Kracauer and Benjamin, and other forerunners of the concept in Weimar Germany.

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